Fitness brand owner, casting director and women’s empowerment advocate, Alicia Samaan, is the perfect example of building a better you and showing that anything is possible.


Alicia’s career began in 2010 when she attended the Illinois Center for Broadcasting. Her hard work landed her internships at the top radio stations focused in and around Chicago. After graduating, Alicia launched an internet-based TV show focusing on the Chicago music industry. During production, she met a music artist that inspired her to transition to a more behind the scenes role as a music manager and PR. A couple years later, Alicia decided to expand her network and audition for reality television. She was casted to The Oxygen Network’s, “The Bad Girls Club” (Season 10, Atlanta & The Bad Girls All-Star Battle Season 2).


Seeing herself on the show along with facing personal challenges and tragedies brought about a change for Alicia. She had decided it was time to improve her lifestyle. Alicia turned to Herbalife where she became a wellness coach. This gave her the courage, support, and leadership to not only make a change in her life, but to also impact the lives of her clients and supporters close by and internationally. 


With Alicia Samaan Fitness now up and running, being a Casting Director for one of the top extras casting companies in Chicago, and a podcast that focuses on women’s empowerment, Alicia is continuing to push her goals in life. She wants to show and help people understand that anything is possible with dedication, a willingness to change, and a positive attitude. 


“Every choice you have made has created the life you live today. If you want life to be different tomorrow, you have to make different choices today.”