Growing up with 3 brothers, a mother from Poland and father from Jordan, made Alicia Samaan an independent and tough young lady. The ambition to create her dream life started when she was a child. Alicia knew she was different, with her unique style, bubbly personality and the courage to stand up for what she believed in. During Alicia’s late teenage years, her rebellious ways took ahold of her, getting her involved in situations that would eventually help land a spot-on reality television. Although Alicia had a few troubled years, she continued to follow her dreams and step out of the box, chasing after what she wanted. At the age of 22, Alicia attended The Illinois Center for Broadcasting where she discovered her passion for being a TV and radio personality. She quickly took on Chicago with internships at all the major radio stations and later started her own show on her schools’ radio station. Alicia decided to use her passion to help more people by launching an internet based talk show that highlighted the underground music industry. She called herself, “Ms. Chi Fly” and the show was titled, “Chi Fly TV”. Within 2 years, her career turned into Artist Management and Development. The business was taking off when Alicia decided to audition for Oxygens, The Bad Girls Club, thinking that it would help boost her business. A successful outcome landed her on Season 10, Atlanta. Her dream was for her business to take off but God had different plans for her. Her reality TV experience took her down a path of depression, a failed suicide attempt, major weight gain and debt. Alicia knew that if she wanted her life to change, she had to change. With the help of Herbalife, she decided to get healthy and lose over 50 lbs. Over the next few months Alicia’s life did change. She turned her weight loss journey into a career and still managed to pursue her love for television. Alicia later appeared on The Bad Girls Club All-Star Battle season 2 which showed the world the new, healthy her! She was loving life and decided to spend time traveling the country meeting fans, clients and business partners. Alicia relocated to Los Angeles where she continued to grow her business and became a host on the Maria Menounos Network, After Buzz TV. After traveling and pursuing her dreams Alicia knew it was time to head back to Chicago. Alicia continues to build her health and fitness business along with being a Casting Assistant for the number one extras casting company in Chicago, 4 Star Casting. Alicias goal everyday is to show the world what is possible. She love contributing, helping the youth and she loves supporting women. Alicia is on a mission to be the change she wants to see in the world, while helping others SHINE! 

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