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November 17, 2017

It sucks when someone doesn’t want you. You feel rejected, unloved, lost, confused and all you keep doing is questioning yourself and what went wrong. It’s so much easier to bring yourself down than it is to bring yourself up. Lack thoughts replay over and over and over in your mind. “What does he see in her?… What does she see in him?… Why did he do that to me? … How could she play me like that?…Why doesn’t he like me?… Am I ugly?” I think everyone goes through that at one point. But why? Why do we have to question ourselves because of someone else's opinion? Why are we giving that person all the power? He can control my feelings? He can make me feel worthless?


NO. We make ourselves feel that way… so instead how about we do the opposite. Instead of questioning ourselves, how about we just don’t question anyone, say it is what it is and keep it moving. How about we understand that no matter what is meant to happen, will. How about we put EVERYTHING in Gods hands and allow him to do the questioning. How about we allow  ourselves to move forward, and to move on, because we know, just like you know, that we deserve better… so how about we start now.


Give yourself what you deserve. Don’t go looking for love… allow it to find you. Decide what you want out of life and go create it. See the world, face that fear, overcome that obstacle and stop questioning yourself. Life is meant to be lived. 



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