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January 5, 2018



How could 2017 be my healthiest year? I drank more this year, than I have in the last 5 years combined! Ate more pizza, devoured my sister in laws cookies every chance I got, my favorite brother and I ate for his birthday… LOL- NO, REALLY… WE ATE ALL DAY… EVERYTHING… from French toast to tacos, even bought a little bag of dark chocolates from one of those random stands at the museum, immediately after we finished eating!! And lets not even talk about when I went by Windy’s house and left with a bag of donuts because he  said they were “fresh and delicious from Johansen’s Farm”  SMH, LOL. So how could 2017 be my healthiest year?



  Because I learned balance and self love. I didn’t give power to food, I WAS IN CHARGE. So, I just started doing what I needed to do and still remained true to me. I learned how to balance an insane work schedule, family life, friendships and staying healthy. I put myself on little challenges just to keep me inspired because I get bored pretty fast. For example, I went an entire month without pizza but allowed myself to cheat once. It was actually fun saying no to pizza every Friday and picking out the ONE day when I decided to eat it. I never enjoyed a slice more! Or, in November when I decided to go all month with no alcohol. The day I decided to have a drink was so much fun!!! That first sip was like AHHHHH, which made it even more delicious! I did little week long challenges too, like no protein bars for 7 days.


    Now, KEEP IN MIND all of this food is at my finger tips everyday! I work on set, we have a production kitchen and trailers filled with everything you can imagine and then some! It’s ALL FREE and not to mention you are surrounded by people eating anything and everything they want, ALL DAY LONG!! SO, PLEASE DON’T BELIEVE ITS EASY FOR ME. What was easy, was when I was working from home and doing herbalife 24/7. Of course it was easy then. I picked what I ate, when I ate and only allowed certain things in my refrigerator. I worked out daily, talked herbalife all day, was surrounded by herbalife people all day, um yeah anyone can stay healthy and focused living that life! But, no- that wasn’t my life in 2017. My life in 2017 was either in the office or on set and my schedule was made for me, NOT BY ME.


 I had to buckle down in 2017 on WHAT ENTERED MY MOUTH. I also had to plan. Like when I went to my big brothers house, I KNEW I was going to eat something deliciously unhealthy… so the week prior, I stayed focused and didn’t cheat. Which means that when I left with that bag of donuts, I ate those up, enjoyed every crumb and didn’t feel guilty! I didn’t go home and eat more, or stop to get more donuts because I had already cheated. No, I ate those donuts and kept it moving.

    Same with holidays. For example, July 4th, I know that I’m going to be at my big brothers house and I know his wife is going to make this banana custard thing that's filled with nutter butters and I am, once again, going to devour it. But, the week before that party- I will remain true to myself and my goals. Does this make sense?


It’s called balance. It’s called self love. It’s called understanding.


I am starting to understand myself and what I NEED. What I need is not going to be the same as anyone else, and I am okay with that. 




 2017 was my healthiest year because I learned what ALICIA NEEDS and I am still learning. No matter what is happening in your life you have to remember who you are and who you were created to be. 


  Your life might get hectic and you might get sidetracked. You are going to stumble, you’re going to mess up- IT HAPPENS!!! KEEP GOING!!!  I started the year off living in Florida. In a matter of 4 days I packed up everything in Florida, drove home and started a brand new job.  2 months later, I decided to move from the burbs to the city, while starting a brand new project, CASTING FOR A HOLLYWOOD MOVIE. I lived out of boxes for 8 months until I had time to actually unpack. My apartment is still not fully decorated or furnished! I PICK MY WINS!!! Everyday, I am going to win at something! Sometimes my family is going to win, sometimes my work will, sometimes my meal plan will, sometimes a date will. But whatever it is, I make sure it’s my choice and that, that choice is in alignment with my goals. I don't have just one goal… I have many. So, each action, each choice, needs to be in alignment with one of those goals. 


 2018 I am going to remain healthy, however this year isn’t about maintaining my weight… OHHH NO NO NO- THIS YEARS IT’S ABOUT TONING AND SCULPTING. So, I HAVE TO BE STRICT.. MORE STRICT THAN EVER. Which means, more time in the gym, more time lifting weights when I don’t feel like it and right now during these months leading up to bikini season, means 100% body dedication. why?? because I want to be naked all summer 2018! LBS


The dates can wait… the outings can wait… I will save all of those for the summer. BUT NOW IS GRIND TIME :) 


What is your 2018 body goal??







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