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Alicia's coaching and guidance has been a crucial asset to my success with not only health goals, but life goals as well. She truly pours her heart into what she does, motivating me to live my dreams to the absolute fullest. I have been moved by her words, inspiration, empowerment, love, and guidance like no other. The effort she puts into her craft is monumental. She is a true light and I am extremely thankful that I have been able to work alongside her during these pivotal moments in my life.

Alicia Samaan is a visionary, a go getter, a CEO, a daughter, a sister and a great friend! Her plate is always full but when she commits to something she sees it through completely and the end result is perfect.

Alicia Samaan has the unique gift of seeing people for who they are and the ability to not cast any judgment. The was she moves, the way she speaks and the way she can uplift even the lowest of souls is truly a blessing that you would be lucky to experience.

Alicia Samaan is the most amazing woman you’ll ever be blessed to meet. She’s a friend that you can count on, a shoulder you can cry on and when you are done she’ll be the life coach / influence you’ll need to change your life and live your dreams.

Alicia Samaan is a dreamer, a go getter, a boss. In knowing her you have no other choice but to dream and to know that you are Royalty. She constantly reminds you to live your dreams and settle for nothing less than you deserve.

You’ve helped me in a lot of ways . You motivated me and kept me going to reach some goals . Introduced me to another part of life that I never knew existed (vegan world) . You can give words of aspiration that’ll flip someone’s view / emotions into something better

Alicia Samaan has the ability to make someone who usually feels so small to themselves, feel like a giant. The power she speaks to anyone and everyone she believes in is unmatched and unforgettable.

You helped start me on my journey late 2015 and I will be forever grateful! I moved back to Texas to take care of my folks November 2016. Then I had 2 knee replacements, a hip replacement, gallbladder removal and a hysterectomy between May 2017 and December 2021, and 10 close family deaths. But, God is good and I’m still making progress. Down close to 70 pounds since you and I started! Part of my current support group is an Herbalife nutrition club close by.

Alicia Samaan has the type of spirit that you can genuinely feel peace and comfort around without her saying a word. Her smile confirms that you are in a different more peaceful, elevated space.

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